L for Linus and lavender

My big boy Linus is very interested in letters. He asks non stop about the different letters, and is hunting familiar combinations, like a little word-detective. But it is still one year until he starts in school (luckily), so there is no stress with the reading part.

A long time favorite book over here is ‘Majas Alphabet’. It’s a book that I used to read as a child too, a timeless classic. A beautifully illustrated flora and alphabet in one. For each letter there is a little poem, and an illustration of a tree or flower, that starts with the letter.

Lavender is the choosen plant for the letter ‘L’. Maja and her friends are having a lavender pillow factory. That is something Linus has been talking about doing for a while now. So this year, when the lavender started to bloom, we decided to give it a try.

It was our little project, but he managed to do most of it by himself. My big boy… From his grandmothers garden he brought home lavender, that he hung up to dry. We found some little pieces of left over fabrics that he cut into little bags. The sewing part was the most challenging one, that we did together.

The first finished bag was hung straight up… over little brothers bed. Maybe with the hopes that he will fall asleep faster in the evening? They are sharing one room, and Niels is always getting a lot of energy the second you put him to bed. Time will show if the lavender pillow helps, I would be happy about it too!

Finally open

I am really happy to finally open my web shop.  Jump over here to take a look, and I hope you like what you see! This is just a tiny beginning, more will come.

After being a full-time mom for over four years now, this feels big for me, even if it is a small project. It is now almost two years since I started on this project , and it was so much fun to plan everything back then. To sew the products, make the web shop and plan how I wanted to build it all up. It was all ready, I just had to push the ‘release’ button. But then I got pregnant, so I decided to postpone everything. And I am really proud of that decision!

The first time with a newborn is so special, and I did not want to spend that precious time building up my little brand. When I do something I want to do it 100%. So since it was not really launched yet the decision to wait felt right.

But now I am here, and now I am ready! 

I wish you all a nice evening out there. 




A day in the forest

Right now we are in Norway, enjoying some late summer days. On sunny days it is perfect to go swimming here. Either in the lakes nearby, or drive to the beautiful coastline of Telemark, where my parents live. And on cloudy days, what is better than to pick some blueberries? 

It brings back a lot of good childhood memories for me, and it makes great new ones for my boys. Linus remembered it so well from last year. Then I was pregnant with Niels. Now he is already six months old. And also enjoying eating blueberries, in his porridge or just snacking them. Where is time flying? 
Here is a few photos from this years trip. New memories were made – not so much blueberries were picked. (But at least enough to make blueberry pancakes!) 

Where to begin?

That Niels look..

I swear: those cheeck grow while I’m watching!

Woll baby in the only thing I have managed to knit for him. Hopefully the autumn brings more!

My very own “Putte”

It is pure luxury to have this beautiful, peaceful place that is just ours. I am already looking forward to next year. 

Have a nice weekend!

A knitting confession

There is something special about knits. The traditions a hand knitted piece represents. The warming feeling when you wear something someone putted a lot of time and effort into. I love the optic of a well knitted piece. And I love to bring my boys out in the big world dressed in knits. It feels like they are a tiny bit better prepared for what may come.

When I’m knitting, well, there is nothing lovable about that. Knitting is definitely not my yoga. The constant counting, not to mention all these intricate expressions that I never understands, tends to make me a bit tense. I am never as stressed as when I´m knitting! Thank heaven for google and youtube. And for my very own knitting mentor, Janne. Because I really really want to be one of them. The knitters. One of those who can knit everywhere. When meeting friends at a cafe, in mummy groups, or when watching a movie at night. But as I am instinctively going into this hyper concentrated little bubble when knitting, that is not working so well. Yet.

My last two projects are still unfinished. One huge blanket I stared on ten years ago. And a sitting pillow started when I was pregnant. With Linus… That is why I wanted, and needed a smaller project. Someone described this cute romper as easy on Instagram, so I though I would give it a try. And I am actually doing quite well! I must admit that sometimes I want to throw the whole thing out of the window, when I don’t see enough progress. Like when I used over two hours to start on one arm. I had to open it again and again, because of stupid small mistakes. Then my husband said I had to concentrate more. And for a very short moment I wanted to throw him out of the window too.

one is growing faster than the other one..

So for me this is far away from easy. But thanks to a lot of support from already mentioned Janne, it’s almost done. The only problem is that Niels is growing way faster than I knit, and I choose the smallest size, 1-3 months. The time pressure motivates me, and I am using every chance to knit. But it is not like I desperately want to finish something as fast as possible, or produce as much as possible. I just want to finish something at all.

Today we woke up to sunshine and clear blue skies. Not exactly knitting weather, but I will still try to get the romper done this weekend. (It comes with me as we are heading out to the playground now. So let’s see how good my knitting – multitasking – capabilities are).

Have a great Saturday, knitting or not!

Weekendfeeling on a Wednesday

Yesterday morning was one of these (rare) mornings where everything went exactly how it should. We woke up quite early, as almost every day. All of us in a good mood, and with a lot of energy. The sun was even shining. Papa went to work, and Linus stayed at home from the kindergarten.

While he was busy playing, I used the chance to clean the flat a bit (which means vacuum cleaning the most critical areas). And to wash my hair. The boys were also bathing. Linus in the bathtub, and Niels in the sink. Both of them loves water. Linus was so wild in there that the bathroom was more or less cleaned too when he was finished.


Tiny tickle attacks from big brother


Natural styled baby hair

Niels was falling straight asleep after some milk. We also needed a snack after all this morning action. Avocado is a big favourite for both of us, so we made a simple avocado/apple/lime smoothie with “buttermilch” and spinach . No recipe used,  just enough ingredients added until it had the right consistency.

We had cinnamon buns leftovers from our baking action on Tuesday too. The recipe is a big favourite here. I made them once for a trip up to my friend Esther. She asked for the recipe, and my husband translated it into German ( I found it in the Norwegian magazine “Kamille”).  Esther translated it into English, and posted it on her blog last week. So jump over to there if you are interested! You will not regret it, both her blog and the recipe is worth it 🙂


Naptime for one.


Snacktime for two.


All time favourite smoothie – avocado, apple and lime, with a bit of spinach.

A very a cozy morning. Followed by a lot of fresh air, biking and hanging out on the playground.

Six weeks…

… as a family of four. Since our little Niels decided to enter this world. Weeks with full focus on the family, and all about enjoying every moment. Taking things as slowly as possible. But where time flied by faster than ever. I guess thats something I have to get used to..

The first weeks with Linus were filled with never ending mornings in bed, no plans, no hurry. This time, well, it’s far away from that. As Linus is kindly waking us all up around 6, the mornings don’t get that long. But somehow, these early, very tired mornings also have its charm. Reading books in bed, often while I breastfeed. Linus is already an expert in seeing when Niels is hungry, and he is often telling me “milk mama, now!!!”.


Pajama boys. One sleeping, one (very) wide awake.

And Niels is the sweetest, most relaxed baby, as long as he gets his milk. He is sleeping so good, even at night (at least most of them). Hopefully it stays like that. He is sleeping in his bed, in our bed, in the car on the way to daycare, or in the wagon. And of course when I carry him, in my arms or in the carrier. But the very best when Linus is around. I guess its too silent here when Linus is in daycare..


Linus is so kind to his little brother. Nielsen, as he says. Most of the time is he busy playing football. Or pretend that he is a pirate that have to escape from big crocodiles. But then he suddenly remembers Niels, and gives him a lot of kisses,  hugs him, and says ‘oh he is SO soft mama!’. When Linus is doing something that he knows very well he is not allowed to do, like climbing up on the table, he is saying ‘ oh oh, what is big brother doing now Nielsen? ‘ with such a funny voice that I also have to laugh.

Here is a few more glimpses from our “newborn-babybubble-weeks”.



My boys


Our very own Spider/Super/fireman


Three tiny friends


Niels-favorites the first weeks. 


Dinosaur costume

With carneval coming up in the kindergarten, I decided to sew Linus a costume last week. When I asked him what he wanted, he immediately said dinosaur. Or, he said dinosaur, pirate or spider man… So I went for the dinosaur.


My first plan was to create something out of clothes that he already had. Like a sweater and a tights, with an extra tail fixed around his waist (with velcro). But he had nothing that fitted proper to my idea. And I did not want buy some new clothes just to re-sew them.

I went to the fabric store, to look for some fluffy kind of fabric. Unfortunately, many of them are very artificial. So to find this beige, semi-fluffy fabric made of cotton and bambus, was a great surprise! It is really soft, and the quality makes it comfortable to wear. Even for an active little toddler. The blue parts are made of felt. So this is a hand-wash kind of costume. The pattern is based on the one I made for this romper.  Just added some arms and the hoodie, and of course the very essential tail!


A little dinosaur in action

Linus was very satisfied with the costume, and I think we both look forward to the carneval on Tuesday.

What will your little ones dress up like? Have a nice Sunday evening 🙂